Welcome to Laundry life!

Hi, I’m Steph, resident laundry expert 🙂

Thanks for being here!

As a mum of 3, laundry was always going to be a big part of our lives for a fair few years. As someone who doesn’t love doing the laundry, I like to get it done fast in the quickest time possible, using the best equipment for the job.

I quickly realised how fast the laundry piles up in a family of 5, a couple of missed wash days and we were surrounded by piles of clothes, so I started to find a routine that worked for us, and a huge part of that meant having great laundry products that just…worked.

Laundry life started as a way to try out and review the best products on the market, see what’s good and what isn’t and share the results with others who equally might not love doing the laundry, but want the best products for the job!

Because we’d all like more time to do the things we love doing, right?

Get in touch, chat to us and send your suggestions and thoughts. We always love hearing from you,


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