Best ironing boards UK

Looking for the best ironing boards available in the UK? We’ve put a complete guide together here to help you choose the best board for your family.

Most homes in the UK own an ironing board. It’s not a job most of us love doing, but we are nation of ironers, and if we’re going to do it, we might as well make it as painless as possible!

There are a huge selection of ironing boards available, it’s hard to know which one is going to work for you. Ranging in price from the pretty cheap to the extortionate, the most important thing is making sure your ironing board works for you.

So, while it may not be the most exciting topic, if it’s got to be done, it might as well be made as easy as possible!

Top ironing boards

Best Ironing boards UK

For reference, ironing boards in the UK are generally sized in these categories. This is only a guide, and it’s best to check the size of the board you’re interested in before buying!

  • A is a small board – 110 cm by 30 cm
  • B is medium size – 124 cm by 38 cm
  • C is a large size – 124 cm by 45 cm
  • D is extra-large – 135 cm by 45 cm

Brabantia Ironing Board with Steam Generator Iron Rest

Brabantia - Ironing Board C - Extra Large Steam Iron Rest - Adjustable in Height - Non-Slip Rubber Feet - Cotton Cover with Foam Layer - Foldable XL Unit - Cotton Flower - 124x45 cm
  • Big is beautiful, And easier for ironing! This plus size steam Brabantia ironing board C with steam unit holder gives you 124 x 45 cm of ironing space, XL model for ironing a shirt without moving it
  • This fresh looking board is great for steam units, the extra large metal holder fits units up to 40 x 22 cm, The adjustable working height (75 - 98 cm) makes it easy for your back,
  • Easy to move, despite the size the transport lock keeps the board folded which makes it easy to move,The perfect fit cover with cord binder and Stretch-System make this board a real crease killer
  • Planet friendly - Cradle-to-Cradle Certified, Bronze level
  • Problem-free use - 10 year guarantee and service

This Brabantia Size C ironing board is 124 cm in length and even with its useful 45 cm width this board is still quite compact for storage.

The 100% cotton cover has a foam and felt underlay and is fitted with Brabantia’s cord binder and stretch system which ensures a taut fit to the cover at all times creating a super-smooth ironing surface.

This board comes with a steam generator iron holder, big enough for the bigger generators. The width is larger than standard ironing boards, and the height can be adjusted between 75 – 98 cm, so whether you’re on the shorter or taller side, you won’t need to stoop when you’re ironing with this board.

This is a fairly light-weight board which stores easily and feels sturdy enough to iron with some pressure.

If you iron your bedding, this is a fantastic board. Due to it’s width, it makes ironing larger items breezy and fast.

Technical details

Model Number108884
ColourCotton Flower
Product Dimensions48.26 x 6.99 x 160.02 cm; 8.21 Kilograms
Special FeaturesChild lock^Non-slip feet^Number of positions:4^Travel lock
Item Weight8.21 kg

Laurastar Comfort Ironing Board

Ironing Board Comfortboard Glasses, 38cm x 120cm, 100% Cotton, Adapts to Most Steam Generators, Adjustable Height, Iron Rest, Secure Closure System, Easily Stored
  • You will love Comfortboard's ELEGANT AND MODERN design
  • With a LARGE ERGONOMIC SURFACE and an iron rest which can be adapted to most steam generators, it is also equipped with a secure closure system and a beige Laurastar QUALITY COVER
  • DIMENSIONS OF THE CLOSED BOARD: Approx. 45 x 156 cm / 17.7 x 61.4 in
  • DIMENSIONS OF BOARD SURFACE: Approx. 38 x 120 cm / 14.9 x 47.2 in
  • DIMENSIONS OF IRON REST: Approx. 39 x 25 cm / 15.3 x 9.8 in

This ironing board by Laurastar is a modern design board, with a universal iron rest for irons of all sizes, including the bigger stream generator irons.

The height can be adjusted up to 95cm, with the width and length of the board being 38cm x 120cm.

The board stays firmly planted on the floor thanks to thick rubber foot covers, and the textured paint makes the finish more durable than most.

The iron rest can be adjusted so it’s a little retractable, which is a nice feature if you’ve got a regular iron that doesn’t take up too much room.

This board is more expensive than many other boards, although by no means the most expensive. It’s a good board and would suit a large family.

Technical details

Model Number153.0001.898
Product Dimensions156 x 45 x 97 cm; 7.5 Kilograms
Item Weight7.5 kg

Brabantia Ironing Board with Heat Resistant Parking Zone

Brabantia - Ironing Board D - Integrated Steam Iron Rest - Adjustable Height with Transport Lock - Non-Slip Rubber Feet - Cotton Cover with Foam Layer - Foldable XL Unit - Titan Oval - 135 x 45cm
  • Need some space? The Brabantia Ironing Board D is so wide, you can iron a shirt in one go, Drape it over the boards shoulder shape to iron it to perfection, For faster and easier ironing
  • Go easy on your back with the adjustable working height (61 - 102 cm), The relaxed and asymmetric frame is suitable for ironing while sitting down,
  • This strong looking board has a handy integrated Heat Resistant Parking Zone for your iron, Smooth ironing with the 100 percent cotton cover that has a resilient foam layer,
  • Planet friendly - Cradle-to-Cradle Certified, Bronze level
  • Problem-free use - 10 year guarantee and service

This D size ironing board measures 135cm x 45cm, making it one of the biggest boards on our list. The steel tubes are 35mm in diameter making it steady on it’s feet.

There’s a heat resisted zone on this board for temporary ‘parking’ of your iron, although it’s not a dedicated resting area, so be cautious about leaving your hot iron on this zone for too long!

There are some child locks on this board, which I loved! They mean there’s no accidental collapse of the board (although this has never happened to me with any other board, I feel better knowing they’re there!).

This boards height can be adjusted between 61cm and 102cm, making this one of the only boards we’ve found that allows you to sit down while you iron. Equally, the max height of 102cm is also one of the tallest, so this would be perfect for taller people.

A cool feature? You can set the board to remember your height preference so it opens to your preferred height each time.

Technical details

Model Number345647
ColourTitan Oval
Product Dimensions8.38 x 46.99 x 163.32 cm; 7.73 Grams
Item Weight7.73 g

Vileda Total Reflect Ironing Board

Vileda Total Reflect Ironing Board L, Metal, Grey, 130 x 44cm
  • Metallized Foil Layer- Reflects Heat And Steam Back Into The Laundry
  • Separate Foam Layer Prevents Water Condensation And Risk Of Rusting
  • Suitable For Steam Generator Irons
  • Click & Stop- Kid Safe System Prevents The Board Collapsing If Accidently Knocked
  • Variable height adjustment 74 – 97 cm

This ironing board from Vileda has a metal foil layer underneath the cover, which is laminated to the underneath of the cover, meaning the steam form the iron comes back up into your clothes, making them easier to iron.

The foam layer underneath this metal foil then in turn prevents condensation getting onto your laundry

There are strong rails and stiffeners on the ironing board giving greater stability, with the click & stop Kid Safe system to prevent the board collapsing if accidentally knocked.

The board size is 130cm x 44cm so is ideal for large items of laundry.

Overall, this is a reasonable priced family sized ironing board, and is strong enough to be used frequently.

Technical details

Model Number162624
Product Dimensions95 x 130 x 44 cm; 6.38 Kilograms
Item Weight6.38 kg

Tower Rose Gold Ironing Board

Tower T873001RGB Rose Gold Ironing Board, Mesh Surface Suitable for Steam Generator Irons, Adjustable Height with Locking Mechanism, 159 x 43 x 6 cm (H x W x D), Steel
  • Robust mesh ironing surface suitable for Steam Generator irons, complete with a solid iron rest design
  • Soft foam back top layer cover creates a smooth ironing surface
  • Adjustable height up to a maximum of 92.50 cm, with locking mechanism to secure the ironing board in place
  • Protective non-slip caps create stability across your carpets and hard floors during use
  • Standard 1-year guarantee with an additional 4 years warranty when you register online

With a sturdy mesh base, heavy iron rest and adjustable height function, this ironing board from Tower feels strong and well made. It’s pretty big as well so suited to a larger family.

There are non slip grippers on the feet on one side of this board, and it’s easy to move around if you’re always getting the board out. It is quite a beast of an ironing board, but this is one of it’s best features really, it gets the job done fast, with plenty of room to move your clothes around on it.

This overall is a great ironing board and one I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. It’s a good price for the quality and price too!

Technical details

Model NumberT873001RGB
ColourRose Gold
Package Dimensions156 x 44 x 5.4 cm; 5.9 Kilograms
Special FeaturesAdjustable Height, Lock to Keep in Place, Solid Iron Rest, Mesh Worktop, Non Slip Feet
Item Weight5.9 kg

Minky Ergo Ironing Board

Minky HH40201117M Ergo Ironing Board, Blue, 122 x 38 cm
  • Ergo Rest - Naturally comfortable ironing for both left and right handed use
  • Prozone Cover with deep felt underlay - 100% cotton with heat reflective metallic coating
  • Flex Guide - prevents iron cord from tangling and snagging
  • Infinite height adjustment, position exactly at your ideal working height, up to 92cm
  • Manufactured in the UK, 5 year guarantee. 4 Leg Design - Robust and sturdy

This Minky ironing board is on the cheaper end of the scale, but it’s a great buy! This board isn’t really suitable for the steam generator irons simply because the board isn’t big enough to accommodate the water reservoir, but for traditional regular irons without this, it’s good.

There’s a handy cord holder that stops the cord from the iron getting tangled, the surface is nice and padded and if you’re looking for a good family ironing board at a reasonable price, this would suit you well.

Technical details

Model NumberHH40201117M
Product Dimensions146.56 x 44.96 x 95.76 cm; 6.4 Kilograms
Item Weight6.4 kg

Vileda Bravo Ironing Board

Vileda 162611 Bravo Ironing Board, Blue
  • Steam permeable mesh metal surface with cotton and foam cover
  • TÜV-GS tested
  • The mesh metal table is steam permeable with a high quality cotton cover ensuring an easy and comfortable ironing experience
  • Closed Dimensions: Width 45.5cm x Depth 6cm x Height 158.5cm
  • Size Of Ironing Board: Length 120cm x Width 38cm

Another ironing board from Vileda, this one is the model down from the one above.

It’s one of the cheapest boards we recommend, yet the Vileda Bravo is a medium sized ironing board with an ironing surface of 120×38 cm.

The mesh metal table is steam permeable with a high quality cotton cover ensuring an easy and comfortable ironing experience.

A stable ironing board due to the thick 28mm leg diameter, this board doesn’t come with the bells and whistles some of the more expensive models do, but it does the job well, isn’t too huge, which is a bonus if space is an issue for storage, and will take care of a families ironing well.

Technical details

Model Number162611
Product Dimensions142 x 46 x 97 cm; 5.44 Kilograms
Item Weight5.44 kg

Laurastar Plus Ironing Board

Laurastar 142.0001.898 Plus Ironing, Dark Grey 100% Cotton, 154cm x 46cm, Graphic Lines, Visual Markers, Clip de serrage, Machine Washable, Large and Ergonomic Board
  • Ironing board with an elegant and modern design Easy to move around with its wheels
  • Large and ergonomic board
  • Universal iron rest for all types of steam generators
  • Safe closing system Laurastar quality cover
  • Dimensions of the closed board: approx. 46 x 154 cm;Dimensions of board surface: approx. 125 x 42 cm ;Dimensions of iron rest : approx. 25 x 39 cm

Light and easy to move thanks to its integrated wheels, the Plusboard with itsmodern design adapts to most steam generators.

Its large ergonomic surface offers you plenty of ironing space. It is also equipped with an iron rest, a secure closure system, a pair of integrated wheels and a dark grey LauraStar quality cover.

There is a slide out rest for a steam generator which feels strong enough to hold a larger generator without making the board wobbly. The board is fairly wide when closed, so bare this in mind when considering it as you’ll need a dedicated place for this board to love!

Technical details

Product Dimensions154 x 46 x 94 cm; 9 Kilograms
Dishwasher safe?No
Number of pieces1
Batteries requiredNo
Item weight9 Kilograms

AmazonBasics Ironing Board

Amazon Basics Ironing Board Large Deluxe, with Retractable Iron Rest, 135x46 cm - Dark Gold
  • Large surface: 135 x 46 cm
  • Retractable, heat-resistant iron rest
  • Height adjusts 4 levels up to 94 cm
  • Extra-thick comfort padding for a smooth ironing surface
  • Heavy-duty steel frame for durability and stability

This ironing board from Amazon basics comes with a retractable iron rest, a really large surface area measuring 135cm x 46cm, and is height adjustable up to 94cm.

The heavy duty steel frame is a dark gold colour which is really nice and a little unusual compared to the others.

There are wheels for easy moving around, and includes a wire holder to keep cords tidy and out of the way, and a safety rest to keep your iron away from skin and clothes when not in use.

The cover of this board is elasticated and machine washable. A great addition to the Amazon Basics range, this board is reasonably priced and well made.

Technical details

Model Number1853TC6-38
Product Dimensions161.01 x 46.02 x 9.02 cm; 7.58 Kilograms
Item Weight7.58 kg

NAWA Super Light Ironing Board

NAWA Super Light Ironing Board OSLO, Size M - 125 x 41 cm, with wheels to easy storage
  • ✅ STURDY - MANUFACTURED IN THE EU - BUILD TO LAST – This ironing board is build and designed in the EU with European quality, the unit is safe from Wobbling, heavy duty wide legs and big sized board, all designed to safe and help the unit stay still without any moves while in use, protective plastic shield on the legs to safe your floors from scratches, high quality material to keep the lifespan of the unit for years to come ! Ironing board Size M - 125 x 41 cm, with wheels to easy storage
  • ✅ WHEELS FOR EASY TRANSPORT, STURDY FRAME – This Ironing Board stands out with its wheels as a unique feature. It gives you the mobility you need; move it anywhere effortlessly! Its feet have a protective coating that helps prevent floor scratches. Plus, it has a safety lock that prevents the board from accidentally collapsing. This lock keeps the board secured during storage. Aluminium frame leg
  • ✅ GREAT IRON EXPERIENCE - THICK LAYERED BOARD COVER. -- Extra thick 100% cotton supported by foam works best for withstanding heat and keeping clothes from sticking! The metal mesh top will allow steam to pass through and evaporate.
  • ✅ WHASABLE PAD – IRON AND STEAM IRON REST SHLEF— HANGING RACK The ironing board comes with a washable and changeable cover pads (available on Amazon) iron and steam iron rest shelf, hanging rack to hang your finished ready clothes helping you while ironing your clothes
  • ✅ HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE – FOLDABLE – STORAGE LOCK – This ironing board is designed to be adjustable, that users can lower and raise as needed to different heights. (30 - 38 inches) it can be folded almost flat to save storage space additionally the iron board will stay locked until you want to open and use it again the handy transport lock keeps the iron table folded when stored or transported.

This super light board from NAWA comes with wheels for easy storage and moving around, and is a good size at 125cm x 41cm.

The extra thick 100% cotton cover, supported by foam works best for withstanding heat and keeping clothes from sticking. The metal mesh top will allow steam to pass through and evaporate, leaving you with less condensation.

There’s a locking mechanism which is standard for many boards now, and also a hanging rack for your ironed items, which is really handy.

The legs on this ironing board are heavy and flat, meaning you’re highly unlikely to get the ‘wobble’ that so many ironing boards seem to have.

As a mid priced board, this is a good buy, and fold almost flat for easy storage.

Technical details

Product Dimensions163 x 41 x 10 cm; 6.42 Kilograms
Item Weight6.42 kg
best ironing boards uk

What is the best ironing board to buy UK?

The best ironing boards we’ve found in the UK are:

Of course the best ironing board for your family depends on your ironing use. These ironing boards are all good quality, and well suited for general family ironing.

What should I look for when buying an ironing board?

There are a few things you should look for when you’re looking to purchase an ironing board. These are:

  • Strength – look for a durable ironing board that’s steady on it’s feet and well made
  • Size – this will depend on what you’re ironing of course! If you like to iron bed clothes, a wider, longer board will be better suited to your needs. Likewise, if you only iron very occasionally you can get away with a smaller board. See our post here on the best ironing boards for small spaces.
  • Cover thickness – the thickness of your ironing board cover determines the quality of the finished ironed garment. Thicker pads (that go under the cover) will give a more padded luxurious feel and make the ironing feel easier and quicker. See our post here on ironing pads.
best ironing boards UK

How do I choose an ironing board?

How do you choose the best ironing board? Think about the ironing needs of your family and go from there.

  • Do you have the space to keep a huge ironing board?
  • Do you need a bigger board size?

If your ironing board is going to be in near constant use, it’s well worth investing in a better, higher quality board that’s going to last the course.

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