The best ironing board pads

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Looking for a better way to iron? Ironing board pads could be just what you’re looking for. These handy accessories can transform your ironing chore into a quick and easy job. Here, we’ve created a list of the best ironing board pads that offer excellent value for money.

Best ironing board pads

ironing board pads

Why Choose an Ironing Board Pad?

Ironing board pads are designed to provide an extra layer of cushioning for your ironing board, making it easier to iron out stubborn creases. They can be easily cut to fit any board size, and if your board is small, you can even double up the pad for extra thickness.

If you need an ironing board pad to make your cover thicker, these are our top picks!

Some ironing board covers are really thin.

They make ironing more of a chore than it already is, it’s harder to get the creases out of your clothes and doubles the time it takes to get through the ironing pile.

Ironing board pads can be cut to fit your board so there’s not need to worry about getting the right size, and if you’re board is really small, you might even be able to double up the pad making it even thicker!

Ironing board pads can make the job a whole lot easier, they’re reasonably cheap to buy and make a huge difference to your cover.

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Our Top Picks for Ironing Board Pads

Minky Smartfit Felt Pad

Minky PP7300E119 Smartfit Felt Pad, White, 125 x 45 cm
  • Extra thick felt pad for smooth ironing surface
  • Fits boards up to 125 x 45 cm
  • Cut to size for better fit
  • UK manufactured
  • 100% recycled fibres

Main features

  • Extra thick felt pad for smooth ironing surface
  • Fits boards up to 125 x 45 cm
  • Cut to size for better fit
  • UK manufactured
  • 100% recycled fibres

This Minky ironing pad is a fantastic price, cuts to fit and is nice and thick.

The length might be short for the bigger sized ironing boards, so measure before buying! Made in the UK from 100% recycled fibres, this padding is good quality and gives your ironing a lovely finish.

At this price, you can’t go wrong.

Brabantia Ironing Board Cover Replacement Felt Pad

Brabantia 196423 Ironing Board Cover Replacement Felt Pad - White
  • felt pad
  • felt pad cover
  • ironing pad
  • ironing underlay

Main features

  • Felt pad suitable for all ironing boards and covers
  • Easy to cut and adjust to your ironing board
  • Suitable for standard irons and steam generator units
  • Permeable to allow steam to pass through
  • Dimensions: 135 x 49 cm

Great for larger ironing boards, this replacement felt pad is good for steam generator irons as it lets the steam pass through, meaning you get less condensation on your board.

At 6mm thick, this pad will make ironing easier and faster, always a bonus! Simply draw around your ironing board and then cut the pad to fit, it’s really simple to do and the only tricky part can be refitting your cover once you’ve got your new pad ready.

A tip for fitting this pad? Make sure you’ve got some heavy duty scissors to hand as this pad is thick…a weak pair of scissors will not cut through this!


LAUNDRYSpecialist MOLTON UNDERLAYER 140x55cm extra thick filling [700g/m²] - Easy Cut to size Molton Ironing Board Felt Pad suitable for steam irons - Suitable for all ironing boards
  • ➕ CUT - Your ironing board is smaller than 140 x 55 cm? No problem. You can easily cut your new ironing board mat to size. This can be done with your own scissors and is super easy!
  • ➕ High-quality, extra thick molton underlayer with a weight of 700 grams/m2! This makes this one of the thickest flannel pads you will find
  • ➕ EXTRA COMFORTABLE IRONING: With this extra thick Molleton ironing board cushion you can iron extra comfortably. The 'cushion effect' makes ironing fun again!
  • ➕ EXTRA LARGE - With a size of 140x55cm, your new ironing table pad fits reliably on all ironing tables. So it doesn't matter which ironing board you have. This is no longer a problem from now on.
  • ➕ 100% reliable quality. We are the specialist in the field of ironing and are therefore convinced that we only give the best to our customers. You get a 1-year warranty from us on this molton pad.

Main features

  • Extra thick felt pad that weighs 700 gram/m2!
  • One of the thickest felt pads available
  • The ‘pillow effect’ ensures extra ironing comfort
  • Suitable for all ironing boards and ironing board covers – easy to cut to size
  • 100% polyester
  • Felt padding size: 140 x 55 cm

Definitely one of the best ironing pads we’ve tried out, this felt pad from LaundrySpecialist gives a completely new lease of life to an old ironing board.

It’s a large, extremely thick underlay for your ironing board cover, which cuts to fit and is really good quality. This pad doesn’t move around at all, which you can sometimes find happens with a foam pad, and gives your board cover a nice tight fit for easier ironing.

Slightly pricer than some of the others? Yes, it is a bit more than most ironing board pads, but you can see where the money’s gone.

You won’t realise how bad your old one was until you try out a decent ironing board pad, and this one doesn’t disappoint!

Minky Deluxe Ironing Felt Pad Cover

Minky Deluxe Ironing Felt Pad Cover 125cm x 45cm
  • Minky Deluxe Ironing Board Felt Pad

Main features

  • Minky Deluxe Ironing Board Felt Pad
  • Helps Reduce Wear On Ironing Board Cover And Is Suitable For Steam Ironing. Also Cuts To Fit Any Board Up To 125Cm X 45Cm.
  • Made from 100% recycled fibres
  • Size 125CM X 45CM (49″ X 18″)
  • Cut to size

This Minky ironing board felt pad is a better version of the one we’ve already seen above, meaning the felt is slightly thicker.

The price difference is just a couple of pounds, and although the pad is thicker, it’s not massively so, and we didn’t notice much of a difference between using the two.

That said, this is still a really good replacement for an old worn out pad, and you’ll notice the difference when use this as a replacement.

Universal Replacement or Spare Ironing Board Pad

Xavax 110939 Universal Replacement or Spare Ironing Board Pad, 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.2 cm
  • Out with the old and in with the new; beautiful, all over neat crease free clothing! Result! Glide, Perfect and Admire!
  • Perect for replacing damaged ironing boards pads.
  • Pad measures 125 x 43 cm, can easily be trimmed to size to fit the shape of any ironing board.
  • An Extra thick pad measuring a fantastic 5.0 mm enhancing it's duality, acting as a base for your ironing & protects your ironing board from the elements and any form of damage.

Main features

  • Unshaped ironing pad meaning you can cut to fit any size
  • Measures a huge 125cm x 43cm
  • 5mm thickness

This ironing pad is a good rid range felt that does the job and is easy to fit. Arriving to you unshaped, depending on your size board you might have enough left over to double up or keep for future replacements.

Simply put, this pad does what it’s supposed to do!

ironing board pad

What padding do you use on an ironing board?

There are two main types of pads used for ironing boards.

One is foam, and the other is felt. Foam ironing pads tend to be cheaper than their felt counterparts, and are often used as the padding you get when you buy a new board. Many people prefer felt ironing pads and opt for these when they’re looking to replace their board underlay.

There are two issues we’ve had with foam pads that we’ve not had with felt ones. The first problem is that under the heat of an iron, foam seems to go flatter, faster than felt does.

When this happens, they do spring back to life for a short time, but need replacing much faster than felt pads.

The other issue I’ve found with foam is that it can move around under the board cover unless the cover is fitted very tightly, which is really annoying when you’re ironing!

For me, felt pads are a better option. They’re not vastly more expensive, they don’t move around as foam does, and they don’t lose their ‘spring’ nearly as fast as foam does.

ironing board foam

How do you use an ironing board pad?

If you’ve got a replacement ironing board pad, you simply remove the cover on your ironing board, cut your new pad to fit by drawing around your board on the pad and cutting it out, and then refitting your board cover.

You must have the cover back on your ironing board before you start ironing, as the heat from the iron will burn your new pad as well as burning itself onto your iron plate 🙂

Ironing board foam underlay

Replacing your ironing board foam underlay is easy. It’s personal choice whether you get a foam pad or a felt pad (see above!) but both are readily available and easy to fit.

Whether you prefer foam or felt pads for your ironing board, replacing your old pad can make a significant difference in your ironing routine. Remember to always replace the cover on your ironing board after fitting a new pad to prevent any damage from the heat of the iron.

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