Best over door ironing board hangers UK

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Need an over door ironing board hanger? These top buys will keep your space tidy and your ironing board out of the way.

over the door ironing board hangers

Ironing boards are not the smallest thing to have to find a home for, at least not in our kitchen!

Most of these over-the-door ironing board hangers, which also handily house your iron will make storing your board easier, get it off the floor and free up some space.


It’s not only your kitchen door you can hang these over, any door, wardrobe or cabinet will do as long as you’ve got the height for your board. And fitting? Simply place them over the door. Couldn’t be simpler.

Top over door ironing board hangers

Minky Iron Storage Solution

Minky VH81890100 Iron Storage Solution Wall/Door Mounted, Silver, One Size
  • Storage solution for your iron, ironing board and accessories
  • Space saving design - maximise available storage space
  • Can be hung over a door
  • Prevents the ironing board and iron from being damaged
  • Size - Width 30 cm x Height 16 cm

The Minky storage solution is a simple over the door ironing storage solution, however, you do need to be able to fix the ‘over-door’ part to your door, rather than simply throw it over the door as some of the others are, so bear in mind you’ll need to put holes in your door to fix this one up.

There are different height settings with this kit, so you can adjust the clear floor space under your ironing board once it’s hanging and stored, which is handy.

Gravity keeps this working as it should and the weight from your ironing board keeps the holder pulled down, as it’s quite light-weight. Does it do what it’s built to do? Yes!

art moon Flint Door Hanger for Ironing Board

art moon Flint Door Hanger for Ironing Board, Iron and Ironing Board Holder Over Door, Space Saver, 24.5X9.5X42.5cm, Vinyl Coated Steel
  • Ideal space saving storage solution
  • Fast and easy over the door installation, fits over standard 4cm (40mm)
  • High temperature (up to 200C) resistant
  • Helps maximize storage space. Great ironing accessory for laundry room, utility closet, dorm room, rented space or apartment living
  • Material: Vinyl Coated Steel. Dimensions: 24.5X9.5X42.5cm. Make sure to measure your door & iron before buying.

This is a super simple very plain over the door ironing holder hanger. It feel solid and well made, there’s no fixtures to fix and you can get this up in seconds.

The only thing I would say about this holder is that there’s no where to store the cord from your iron, but ended up simply wrapping it round the cooled iron itself, which worked fine.

The white coating is heat resistant up to 200c, so the iron doesn’t need to be totally cooled before you can out it away.

This over the door holder isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s well made and will last the course!

mDesign Drill Free Ironing Board Hanger

mDesign Ironing Board Hanger with Storage Basket for Iron - Over The Door Ironing Board Storage - Ironing Board Door Hanger with Basket - Chrome
  • EASY TO HANG: Easy to hang over the door, but this iron and ironing board holder can also be mounted to the wall - all the hardware needed is included
  • VERSATILE: Use in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. This door hanging ironing board holder with practical ironing board hook is really versatile and helps you to keep your home clutter-free
  • NO NAILS REQUIRED: Made from steel with a chrome finish, this ironing board holder can be hung over interior doors of up to 4.5 cm for quick and easy installation
  • MODERN DESIGN: Make the most of your space without detracting from your decor with this over the door ironing board storage combining iron and board holder to keep everything neat and tidy
  • GREAT FIT: Keep your floor clutter free and cables out of harm’s way by using this neat over door ironing board hanger to store your ironing accessories. Size: 18 cm x 34.4 cm x 50.8 cm

This easy to hang over the door iron and ironing board holder can also be mounted on the wall, and if you want o do this, all the hardware you need is included.

Steel made, this hanger is sturdy and strong so if you’ve got a heavier board, this would be perfect as the brackets easily cope with weight. There’s also room in the holder to keep any ironing water or starch etc..which is really handy for keeping everything in one place.

The only note I’d add is to check the width of your door if you’re planning to hang this holder over the door frame, rather than mount it. Older, thicker doors might be too wide for it, although it fits over modern standard width doors perfectly.

Polder Over-Door Iron/Board Mount

Polder Over-Door Iron/Board Mount, Matt-Grey, 6 x 10 x 1 cm
  • Easy hang and store assembly, no hardware required.
  • Covenient storage option.
  • Fits doors upto 4cm thick.
  • The versatile design holds most leg styles.

The modern design of this iron hanger looks great in the kitchen if that’s where you store your iron. This hanger holds the iron by it’s handle, where most of the others allow you to place your iron into a basket holder.

With a hanging width of 5cm, this holder is really good for thicker, heavier doors, and this is a well priced hanger that’s strong enough for the biggest boards.

Any downsides? It’s not height adjustable, so the clearance floor space really depends on your door height.

mDesign Drill Free Ironing Board Hanger

mDesign Drill Free Ironing Board Hanger - Stainless Steel Ironing Board Rack with Door Hanging Mount - Includes Small Basket for Storing Iron and Detergent - Silver
  • SPACE-SAVING: Store and organise ironing equipment in one location with this handy storage system for iron and ironing products - saving space and keeping everything in one place.
  • SIMPLE: With a small storage basket for housing an iron as well as detergent, laundry and other accessories, the storage unit holds folded up ironing boards by the base, keeping storage simple.
  • DRILL-FREE INSTALLATION: Ironing board storage is simple to achieve by hanging this rack over the door. Hangs over any standard-sized interior door with ease (up to 3,8 cm dick).
  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: The hanging ironing board door mount and iron storage basket combo is built to last with durable stainless steel and an elegant silver finish.
  • IDEALLY SIZED: At 21.8 cm x 14.3 cm x 33.0 cm, this over the door ironing board holder is a perfect way to optimise storage space and is ideal for smaller rooms.

This is a very well priced, simply designed over the door iron holder that does the job it’s intended for.

The holder arrives in parts, so there is some assembly required, it’s not difficult to do, but something to be aware of. It’s not the heaviest of our hangers here, so if you’ve got a huge, or heavy board, it wouldn’t be your best option, but will cope with the majority of boards on the market well.

Reasonably priced, this is a good buy.

Hanging ironing board

Hanging an ironing board is one of the simplest ways to store your board. We’ve (mostly!) all got doors somewhere in our home, and using them to store irons and boards is a great use of space.

Most ironing boards are not heavy enough for it to be an issue getting them off their storage hooks, and the fact they’re stored off the floor often makes it easier for people to get them out.

As long as you’ve got the height on a door, any door, you can hang your ironing board.

best over the door ironing board holders

How do you hang an ironing board on a door?

With a few exceptions, hanging an ironing board over your door is as simple as that, hanging it over your door 🙂
Some however, come unassembled and so need you to be able to assemble them before hanging.

It’s a good idea to think about where your hanger is going to go before ordering as if you need floor clearance space for your board, you may decide to go with a height adjustable iron hanger.

If you’re going to mount your hanger on the wall, then obviously you can place the hanger at the height you need, so make sure it comes with the fittings and fixtures to be able to do this!


Ironing board storage

Where can you store an ironing board?

Anywhere you’ve got the space really!

Doors are a great place to keep both your board and iron together, and as the back of doors are often not utilised, keeping them here can suddenly clear loads of space in your home.

Many people keep their ironing stuff in the garage and again, a wall mounted hanger is great in a garage and can be out at the right height for you.

Indoor cupboards also make good storage spaces for irons and boards, as long as you have the height. Likewise with utility rooms, and if like many people you iron in your utility, you’ve got everything to hand.

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