Best magnetic ironing mats

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Looking for a magnetic ironing mat? We’ve reviewed the best ironing mats on the market, right here.

nest magnetic ironing mats

These ironing mats can make ironing easier if you’ve got a small space or need to iron something fast without getting the board out.

Regular mats can slip on metal surfaces when you’re using them. These magnetic ironing mats have been made specifically fo the job, and we can tell you they do actually work!


How they work is pretty simple. They have magnets built into them, meaning that when placed on a metal surface, they’re going to grip it and let you iron without constantly having to try and hold the mat still with one hand while ironing with the other.

Best magnetic ironing mats

GLOW Iron Anywhere Travel Ironing Mat

GLOW Iron Anywhere Travel Ironing Mat - Soft Quilted Sponge Folding Roll Up Magnetic Table Top Surface Sheet with a Metallised Titanium Cover to Reflect Heat - Perfect for Travel Washing Laundry
  • Replace your Ironing Board it with the Iron Anywhere Travel Ironing Mat from GLOW
  • Soft Quilted Sponge Sheet with a Metallised Titanian Cover to Reflect Heat
  • Features Magnets in the Corners to Firmly Position on Metallic Surfaces
  • Perfect for Travelling or Where Space is Limited
  • Dimensions – L68cm x W48cm / L27” x W19” (approx.)

This magnetic ironing mat from GLOW is soft quilted for smooth ironing, and reflects the heat really well back into your clothes for faster ironing.

It’s a decent size at 68cm x 48cm, and is plenty big enough to iron everything bar bedding, and is perfect for ironing the odd thing quickly when you’re away, or don’t want to get the ironing board out.

You’ll need to give it a quick iron before you use it, having been rolled up (it rolls up really small so it’s easy to store) and also to make sure you don’t get the quilting pattern ironed onto your clothes, but this takes seconds.

This is a really good quality ironing mat, well priced and should last for a long time with care.

Hyfive Travel Ironing Mat

Travel Ironing Mat For Table Portable Magnetic Quilted Ironing Blanket Perfect For Travelling
  • With this SUPER HANDY IRONING MAT you can iron clothes ANYTIME, ANYWHERE by simply placing this portable pad on a smooth surface.
  • This GREAT QUALITY product is made of cotton with double sided coating and insulated cotton inside, making it LIGHTWEIGHT & HEAT RESISTANT.
  • It is EASY TO CLEAN just wipe down with towel and leave to dry, or hand wash.
  • PERFECT TRAVEL SIZE at 69cm x 49cm, large enough for any ironing job but still COMPACT & FOLDABLE for storaging. Sizes are taken from centre to edge
  • Suitable for ironing ALL CLOHTES with both normal and steam irons.

The HyFive ironing mat is slightly thinner than the previous mat, but does the job it’s made for well.

It’s a travel sized mat as they all are, but big enough to iron on in small batches, or the odd item you need pressed.

The mat is easy to wipe clean, and can be stored rolled up tightly or folded in a drawer. One of the most reasonably priced mats we’ve reviewed, we can highly recommend this one.

Portable ironing mat

  • 1 Magnetic Ironing Mat Laundry Pad Washer Dryer Cover Board Heat Resistant Blanket !!
  • featuring a quilted cotton heat resistant pad that offers a wider work space than an ironing board.
  • Convenient design serves as an ironing surface right on top of your washer or dryer, floor, bed, kitchen table and more..
  • Four sewn in magnets in the corners keep it from shifting and sliding. Folds for easy storage, hand wash only. Made out of 100% cotton.

Being wider than most ironing boards, this mat allows you to iron anywhere and with magnets in all four corners, if your surface is big enough, you can easily get through a fairly big ironing pile in no time.

The only thing we would say about this mat is to make sure the surface you’re planning to iron on is big enough to be able to catch the magnets. If it’s not, the mat can tend to slip a bit, but with a big enough surface, this is one of the best priced mats we’ve come across that does the job well.

Fodlon Portable Travel Iron Mat

Fodlon Portable Travel Iron Mat Heat Resistant Ironing Blanket Laundry Pad Quilted Washer Dryer Pad Ironing Board Covers for Table Top
  • Laundry Machines Cover - Made of cotton with coating.The measurement of mat will fit completely a top most standard sized countertop or washer/dryers. Easy to fold up and store with minimal use of space.
  • Ironing Blanket Pad -This mat serves as a clever alternative to traditional ironing boards, proving especially valuable to those who reside in studio apartment, dormitories, RVs, or other smaller living spaces that may not be able to facilitate bulky ironing boards.
  • Double Sided Laundry Pad- Its padding is made from high quality quilted polyester-cotton fabric that can withstand high heats up to 500°F.
  • Ironing Pad Covers- Premium quality and non-skid. Great for sewing projects or if you just have a few things to iron.
  • Perfect Size for Travel- No more taking up precious space in your supply closet with those old fashioned, bulky ironing boards. Lightweight and extremely convenient for travel.

Made to fit perfectly on top of a standard sized washer or dryer, this mat is lightweight, double sided and great if you’re traveling, or space is particularly tight in your home.

It folds away to a tiny roll, and can be stored anywhere. Cleaning can be done by wiping after use, or if it need a proper wash, by hand.

LIVIVO Travel Iron Mat with Silicone Iron Rest Pad

LIVIVO Travel Iron Mat with Silicone Iron Rest Pad – Soft Sponge Sheet with Metallised Cover to Reflect Heat –Table Top Ironing Blanket Folds or Rolls Up in Seconds – Great for Travel
  • The LIVIVO Travel Iron Mat - Quickly create an instant ironing surface anywhere - on the dining table, a work desk, caravan or in the sewing room or haberdashery
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Perfect for travelling or where space is limited, rolls up into a compact size for suitcase or hand luggage
  • INTEGRATED SILICONE IRON AREA - Is safe to leave the iron on while you get the next item ready, and protects your work surface under the mat from burns or damage
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - As well as being machine washable for occasional cleaning, the mat conveniently folds or rolls up in seconds
  • DIMENSIONS – (Unfolded) - L82cm x W48cm / L32” x 19” (approx)

This LIVIVO magnetic ironing mat comes with a really handy silicone iron holder, which is an unusual feature of these ironing mats.

The material is substantial and feels strong, and it’s machine washable, which is a huge bonus!

Many quilters and crafters use these mats in their work spaces, and the iron rest is tough enough to have the iron resting on it for quite some time, with no signs of wear.

A brilliant buy, this mat is one of our favourites!


What is an ironing mat?

An ironing mat is a mat that can be placed on any flat surface and be used for ironing on. These magnetic ironing mats are especially useful because they are just that, magnetic.

When used on a metal surface, they grip, and so you don’t get the slip that you can get with non magnetic ironing mats, causing you to try and hold the mat still in one hand while ironing in the other!

Why do people use ironing mats instead of ironing boards? Many people have both, and use the mat for ironing an odd item and don’t want to get the board out, or they’re used for crafting and sewing projects.

magnetic ironing mat

What is the best ironing mat?

The best ironing mat is one that works for you!

The one thing you don’t want your mat to do is slip while you’re ironing, it’s super frustrating and you often wind up ironing more creases into your clothes than you’re ironing out!

Magnetic mats on a metal surface get rid of this problem completely, they grip the surface, allowing you to iron quickly.

What can I use instead of an ironing board?

Ironing require a flat surface, so in theory, you can iron onto any surface strong enough to take the pressure of ironing.

However, there are a couple of things you’ll want to take into account when thinking about where you can iron, other than an ironing board.

First and foremost, make sure you don’t use a surface that’s going to be negatively affected by the heat from your iron. I wouldn’t advise ironing onto any surface that’s not protected by a mat, such as the ones above.

Many of us have used the carpet to iron on from time to time (student days?!) with a towel on top, but this is awkward and you run the risk of burning your carpet. Having one of these ironing mats handy takes the risk away, they’re made for the job, are reasonably cheap to buy and last for a long time.

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