Best Plastic Laundry Bags

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They’re big, they’re heavy duty, and while their name might suggest otherwise, they are multi-purpose: they’re the best plastic laundry bags.

The top 5 plastic laundry bags

Laundry bags will never not have a place in the world. They have that iconic gingham look that takes us all back (or, if you’re too young, it could take you back to that American movie with laundry bags in it).

And, while their original use might be dwindling, their large capacity potential just brings a world of opportunity. 


So, whether you’re needing a new bag to hold all the bedsheets for the monthly trip down to the industrial-sized washing machines and dryers at the laundrette or if you simply need a way to carry laundry from point A to point B without lugging a heavy basket around, the jumbo laundry storage bag is here for you.

Rex London World Map Large Storage Bag with Zip

Large Storage Bag with Zip - Strong and Durable 55 x 48 x 28cm 70l - Choice of Design (World Map)
  • The Original Jumbo Storage Bag - World Map collection
  • Extra large size: height: 19'', width: 21'', depth: 11''
  • Eco friendly - reusable and made of 90% recycled plastic bottles
  • Strong, durable, lightweight, foldable and wipeable
  • Perfect for storing bedding, duvets, clothes and laundry

First up is the Rex London laundry bag that they also call a storage bag. This is our favourite here at Laundry Life and it’s not just because of the pretty pattern (P.S. there’s 10 to choose from). 

Rex London are market leaders in the eco-friendly jumbo laundry storage bag as all of their bags are manufactured with 90% recycled plastic bottles. As a bonus, they have very large bags able to carry a 70L capacity with a LWH of 55x28x48cm at just 206g making it lightweight at the same time.

Zuvo Xtra Large Strong and Durable Jumbo Bags (5 Pack)

Extra Large Storage Laundry Shopping Bag Pack of 5 | Nylon Checkered Strong Waterproof Reusable Bags with Zipper and Handles | Perfect for Laundry, Moving, Shopping, Cloth Storage
  • ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????: Zuvo bag is a classy and utterly useful bag that has used a colorful checkered cotton fabric. This Waterproof bag is equipped with a high-quality zipper. It is the perfect storage bag for you.
  • ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????: Your perfect bag with a pack of extra-large laundries, storage, clothing, moving bags. Produced with durable material, featuring a large zipper, cross-stitching, and zip tap end.
  • ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????: This laundry shopping bag is specially designed for long uses. We’ve used incredibly durable woven material that won’t unravel or come apart. You can use it to carry hard and heavy items.
  • ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????: Multipurpose storage bag for all your dirty clothes laundry, seasonal clothes and bedding storage, Camping, moving shopping. Extra-large storage moving bags can be easily stored anywhere.
  • ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????: It’s a durable material, featuring a large zipper, stitching, and zip tap ending which will give you 100% satisfaction. Used all season clothes can easily be stored in it.

Next is the Zuvo pack of 5 nylon jumbo bags designed to withstand pretty much anything you could throw at it (or in it). 

Being made of plastic nylon fibres, it is heavily waterproof and will take a while to ignite if caught in a house fire when comparable to other materials like cotton. As well as this, it makes for a very easy clean with simple water and soap rather than needing a wash cycle or intense chemical cleaning supplies.

Finally, Zupo sell their bags in packs of five with assorted colours of the classic gingham pattern and at LWH sizes of 80x60x25cm, making them a large capacity find, too.

Sorti Enormous Jumbo XL laundry bag

Sorti Enormous Jumbo XL Clothing Toys Home Laundry Storage Bag Made From Recycled Material. Really Big Extra Deep Massive Orange Tree Pattern Bag. 128 Litres. 54 x 74 x 32 cm
  • Material made from recycled plastic bottles. Double stitched for extra strength. Extra wide handles.
  • Double zips. This item comes with two metal zips that can be locked together (lock not included).
  • Suitable for: arts & crafts, baby accessories, bath time toys, bedding, bits and bobs, blankets, caravan, car boot tidy, clothing, craft markets, cushions, decorations, excess luggage, gardening, laundry, nappies, moving, picnics, pillows, presents, quilts, shoes, shopping, self storing, sports equipment, trainers, towels, toys, trips away, visiting family, wash bag and winter/summer wardrobes.
  • Dimensions: 54 x 74 x 32 cm. Extra wide!
  • Capacity: 128 Litres. Weight: 352 grams.

Sorti have focused on size in their design (while making sure the pattern is attractive with three colour options to choose from). Their enormous laundry storage bag has a capacity of 128L, a weight of just 352g and LWH dimensions of 54x74x32cm.

As well as this, Sorti are another market leader for the drive of using recycled materials in their manufacturing process; their laundry storage bags are even double stitched with these recycled materials for added strength. 

Given the price and everything they offer for opportunity in their best plastic laundry bags, there’s no wonder they’re Amazon’s Choice.

DECO EXPRESS Large Laundry Bags

DECO EXPRESS Laundry Bag Heavy Duty Storage Bags Reusable Strong Clothes Storage Bags Zip Nylon Large Boxes for Moving House Clothing & Wardrobe Storage
  • MOVING HOUSE ESSENTIALS: These reusable nylon laundry bags with zips with handles are a great way to stay organised when moving or simply doing your weekly grocery shopping. These strong and durable large laundry bags with zips are ideal for moving house, storing shopping items, and storing small items like clothing, bedding, and other household items.
  • DURABLE AND STRONG: The large laundry bags are made of strong and durable fabrics, allowing you to store various items securely and keeping them in excellent condition over time. The zip-closure of these large storage bags is secure, protecting your items when they’re inside and offering extra protection when used during a move or other storage need.
  • EASY TO HANDLE: The laundry storage are easy to handle and transport, and the handles make them easy to pick up and carry when on-the-go. This 5-piece pack of reusable moving bags with handles is an ideal way to stay organised no matter what type of storage you need.
  • MULTIPACK: These big bags for moving come in a pack of 5 or pack of 2 making them perfect for storing items or taking them with you when you go travelling. They are also ideal for storing items underneath the bed or in other locations within the home, as they can easily be tucked away so that they’re out of sight.
  • REUSABLE STORAGE BAG: extra large storage bags with zips ideal for bedding, duvet, clothes, toys, seasonal accessories and home decor to be stored in a loft or garage. See images for measurements

DECO EXPRESS (branch of F&F Stores) have fantastic classic and jumbo laundry storage bags that we absolutely love here at Laundry Life. While we don’t have laundry in them right now, we can say they get used every day. 

They’re made to be extra durable, have a reinforced zip to last, be dust resistant, have lightweight and flatpack storage, and carry multi-purpose uses. They measure in LWH as 60x50x25cm and weigh 730g for portability.


DECO EXPRESS Laundry Bags, Heavy Duty Jumbo Garage, Attic Or Underbed Storage Solutions For Clothes, Bedding, Duvet, Pack Of 4 Extra Large Clear Bags With Zip For Dust Protection When Moving Houses
  • PACK OF 4 HEAVY DUTY CLEAR STORAGE BAGS: are you looking for moving house essentials? Or practical waterproof storage bags for your garage, loft or under the stairs cupboard? These extra large storage bags with zips are a great solution for all your storage needs and a great alternative to moving house boxes. These jumbo bags offer plenty of storage as well as dust protection and moisture for your clothes or bedding
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: are you moving house? Decluttering? Or need clothes storage bags to store summer clothes during the winter months? These large laundry bags are very versatile and great for shoe storage, clothing storage or even to store Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. With this handy pack of 4 laundry bags with zips, you will have the perfect solution for all your storage or transport requirements
  • CLEAR PLASTIC BAGS TO SEE WHAT'S INSIDE: This bags are very spacious and great to store items in your loft, garage, wardrobe, underbed shoe storage and you won't have to open every moving box or moving bags to find your favourite jumper or one of the kids toys, with the clear plastic material, you can see at a glance what's in each bag, a real time saver once toys and clothes have been stored for months
  • A GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO MOVING BOXES: these zipped storage bags are great packing bags for moving house and a great alternative to the classic cardboard boxes. These large storage bags offer a cost effective and easy to use storage and packing solution for large items such as bedding, towels, clothes, shoes, cushions, blanket, linen, kids toys or if you require a duvet storage bag during a house move
  • DIMENSIONS: our deco express extra large plastic bags measure 60 cm x 60 cm x 20 cm and come with strong over the shoulder handles

Finally, we have yet another DECO EXPRESS make in the best plastic laundry bags list. This bag is very different from the other simply because of the material that is used and the layout of the bag zip. 

The plastic is clear so you can see exactly what’s in the bag and where. Plus, the zip is on the edge and extends around half the bag rather than the usual zip situated in the centre of the top side, meaning there is much easier access to stored laundry items at the bottom of the bag (and it’s easier to get those pesky duvet sets in and out). 

They measure an LWH of 60x60x20cm, meaning they’re suitable for carrying a lot of laundry. And they feature reinforced shoulder handles to carry or mount with, too. Hence, them being one of the top five best plastic laundry bags!

How the Best Plastic Laundry Bags are Environmentally Friendly

It might not seem this way, but the jumbo laundry storage bags have a relatively small carbon footprint to them. 

They are heavy-duty, meaning they’ll last a lifetime. They’re magically large and can fit anything in it. And many of the more modern plastic laundry sacks are made using recycled plastics. So, they’re actually taking plastics away from landfill and waste-bergs floating in the ocean. 

It’s important to note that not all of the best plastic laundry bags are made using recycled plastics, but more of them are as we grow increasingly eco-conscious.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Jumbo Laundry Storage Bags?

When it comes to these iconic bags, they typically render memories of heading out to the laundrette with a pile of clothes or a duvet set to put through those big machines we all love as our sheets come out fluffy.

But, given the fact that a washer-dryer is more common these days with so many rental properties having white goods included, the laundrette is disappearing, and the best plastic laundry bags have found new callings. 

Here are some of the best ways you can reuse your jumbo laundry storage bag:

  • Carrying items and clothing through the rain
  • Covering other objects to protect from water, rust or animals
  • Storing large items or large numbers of items in the loft
  • Staying small and out of the way while flat-packed
  • Helping to move home with small furniture and furnishings
  • Storing spare linen
  • Housing the out-of-season wardrobe
  • Carrying the weekly shop
  • Hauling things to the tip
  • Separating clothing items from the wash
  • Keeping the environment clean
  • Gathering garden waste
  • Storing toys in the kid’s bedroom or toy room
  • Heading to the beach with towels in-check

So there’s my favourite plastic laundry bags. Pick the right one, and bever have to think about them again 🙂

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